M&A 3.0 - make technology work for you

There is an increasing need for technology to support and speed up time-consuming due diligence. The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is one of today’s most hotly debated technology buzzwords - but what does it really mean for the M&A professional? Where and how is AI applied already in the M&A sector, and what does the future hold? How can you benefit from AI in your next M&A transaction?

The emergence of artificial intelligence and automation are reshaping all approaches to the due diligence process. At Drooms, we leverage the potential of machine learning technology to fully automate repetitive due diligence processes.

As part of this workshop, experts from Drooms will provide you with insights on a wide array of challenges encountered in transactions, with a special focus on integration of machine learning technology into virtual data rooms.

Drooms, Europe’s leading Virtual Data Room provider, enables controlled access to confidential corporate data across company boundaries and specialises in providing tailored solutions for the entire value chain of assets. 

This workshop will be presented by Michael Nitz, Director Drooms Benelux.

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